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About us

CompareBookings.com helps travelers easily discover the best deals on all their travel needs, from flights to car rentals, hotels to tours and activities with one simple click. Established in January, 2009 by Saad Al Sogair a travel lover and internet entrepreneur, our goal is to provide the most trustworthy information for every fellow traveler's request, regardless of the destination or desired travel options. By selecting only from the greatest travel suppliers and issuing around-the-clock updates to our database, our site consistently helps visitors save up to 75% on travel.

Saad Al Sogair, Founder & CEO, CompareBookings.com
Our expert team analyzes all the various travel sites' offerings based on the strictest criteria, including in the results we give to every query only those companies promising exemplary service and value. We then sort these results according to the likelihood of each one providing the most relevant and accommodating options for every given request. And because we understand that every traveler's needs are different we offer one of the most eclectic advanced search functions in the industry, empowering you to hone in on precisely those preferences that matter to you most.

 Where other travel sites limit their scope to airlines, hotels, and vehicle rentals, we cover cruises, beach holidays, city breaks, cultural outings, ski trips, safari excursion, and extreme adventures. Helping you save valuable time, skip all those tiresome long lines and get on with the fun and relaxation you're aiming for. CompareBookings.com is truly a one-stop sources for nearly every travel need imaginable. Even if English isn't your first language, we offer our services in more than a dozen other national dialects.

Whether you're a traveler with a request of your own or you operate a travel website you would like included in our database, we invite you to contact us at your convenience. And as a next generation travel service for the 21st century traveler, we welcome you to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, explore our YouTube channel and sign up for our RSS feed. Most recently, we've even released our own iPhone App for mobile access to all our features for those who are already on-the-go.

Thank you for exploring CompareBookings.com, and if you're pleased with the free services we provide, please share us with your friends so that we may do the same for them.

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